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Our Special Education Department

With our Special Education program, we are pleased to have an incredibly experienced teacher on staff to help your students in whatever capacity possible.  Whether the student is behind in reading, writing, mathematics, or any other facet of their educational background, we are here to help.

 As mentioned in the About Us tab, our tutor has many years experience within the realm of helping students and designing curriculum.  In fact, she was even on the President's advisory board, designed to establish a basic curriculum structure throughout the United States.  She, as well, has helped numerous students achieve success in regular classrooms at levels commensurate with their grade and age levels.

 We are fortunate to have her services, as she's proven, time and again to be invaluable to both the student and their parents.  Her diligence and insight is incredibly welcome within any setting.  She has served as an advisor to aid students with their college preparation and partakes in IEP meetings with the parents (at the student's school; this is to ensure the student's IEP needs are being properly met and administered).

 While our products page features our main offerings, our price structure for our Special Education program is as follows:  

 1 Hour $45
 3 Hours $125
 6 Hours $235
 12 Hours $450
 24 Hours $825

*Note: if purchasing multiple hours, they must be paid for in advance.  Also, if traveling a great distance, there is a surcharge.  Please contact us to ask any questions.

 Your Own, Personal Special Education Teacher

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