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Mathematics Tutoring

Our Mathematics tutoring program consists of a few different facets.  Since each branch of mathematics is different, we try to cater to the branches; for example, if your student is studying Geometry or Trigonometry, we focus on learning the shapes, formulas for finding the aspects of the shapes and angles, proofs, similarity and congruency.  If your student is studying Algebra or Calculus, we focus more on formulas, applications, graphing, limits, conic figures, quadratic equations and derivatives.

In addition, we provide a multitude of practice problems, ensuring understanding, as well as an ability to apply the material to other conditions, other problems.  We ensure understanding through patience and practice, as well as our subject knowledge.  We also constantly go over prior material and apply newer knowledge to ensure your student has grasped all the material, instead of simply letting it pass once a unit is finished.


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English and Language Arts Tutoring

In our English and Language Arts Tutoring program, we provide the student with a wide range of material, including creative writing samples and analogies.  We also help your student with their reading comprehension, term paper and research paper skills by providing sample texts and working with them as they try to write given assignments for us (as well as in school).

Our goal is to have the student able to write and read creatively, while maintaining proper grammar and syntax within their work.  In addition to helping with their English and language arts skills, we make sure to look over their writing, and to provide a creative outlet to let them explore the English language and its intricacies.   


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Study Skills

In addition to our Mathematics and English/Language Arts tutoring packages, we also provide the option of learning study skills from our tutors.  As the majority of our tutors are educators, we provide texts and work with the student upon their note-taking abilities, as well as outlines, how to research materials for projects, and how to actually effectively study for an examination.  We provide the student with a series of fun projects, as well as some short quizzes over a given subject (for example, a quick history quiz over a chapter the student is currently studying) to ensure they are studying the material effectively.


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ACT/SAT/GRE Preparation

Our ACT, SAT, and GRE preparation service is designed to give your student the ability to succeed in the collegiate exams, placing an emphasis over the areas they need the most help, as well as reenforcing and strengthening the areas they are strongest in.  We go over the basics of the exams, helping your student garner confidence in him/herself, as to maintain patience and relaxation while taking the exams.  In addition, we help your student understand the exam, go over material they might not be too familiar with, as well as teaching them how to understand the different sections.

A detailed explanation of how each section, broken down by how we help your student approach them (into four sections, per the ACT examination; SAT and GRE are included, but use a combination of English/Reading and Math, only):

English: we provide your student with a series of vocabulary, syntax errors and examples, and other material taken directly from the prior exams.  We work through the section with your student, asking questions to ensure understanding.

Reading: we provide your student with a series of passages taken directly from the exam, showing them how to find the answers within the text, as well as teaching them how to comprehend the questions asked about the text.

Science: we show the students how to read the specific graphs, as well as provide a basic scientific understanding of the material.  Our questions are taken directly from prior exams as to allow the student to see what types of questions are asked.

Mathematics:  The student is taught the formulas needed to do well on the exam, in addition to be given prior test questions.  We work with your student to teach them material they previously have not seen and ensure they are able to apply the new material, in addition to their prior knowledge, to the questions asked.


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Special Needs Tutoring

In addition to our regular tutoring packages, we provide a special needs package, which helps your student garner understanding close to grade level, often exceeding their given grade.  Our special needs educator has over 25 years experience as a teacher, 15 of which have been specifically within Special Education.  She was on the committee which approved the curriculum in Special Education nationally, as well.

She provides your student with all the necessary tools, as well as a curriculum which the student can grasp much easier, as to bring them up to a level commensurate with their educational standing.  She works in all areas with your student, including mathematics, science, English, reading, and history.  Contact us for special pricing, as this is on a need basis and not listed with our regular packages.


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Online / E-Tutoring

We provide your student the ability to learn and study from the comforts of their own home.  A whiteboard is provided, as well as a Skype, Googletalk, or any other means to talk to us (live).  Essentially, a virtual classroom is created, with the ability to further incorporate links and larger problem sets.

Contact us if you would like to set up an e-tutoring session, as our rates are different than our traditional tutoring prices.  


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