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Tutoring Packages

  1. What tutoring options do you offer?

    We offer a variety of tutoring packages, from our 3 hour starter package to our 24 hour package.  Each session is 1.5 hours, so for a 24 hour package, you receive 16 sessions.  In general, we offer a 3 hour, 12 hour, and 24 hour package, but are willing to work out a per hour package if the need should arise.

  2. What exactly is 'Study Skills'?

    Study Skills refer to us helping your student with their work, no matter the subject.  This does not mean we 'teach' them; rather, we try to help them raise their grade, learn a topic, and so on.  

    Important note: if the student is behind in Mathematics, Reading, Writing, and so on, we offer other packages to help, as we actually teach the fundamentals and get them to grade level (and, often, beyond).

  3. Can I cancel if I'm unhappy with my tutor?

    You can, but we ask you to tell us why you are unhappy with the tutor.  Refunds will be given for the remaining sessions if you so desire.

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What credentials do your tutors have?

  1. How can I be assured you are providing a qualified tutor?

    Our tutors come from other companies, some considered the top at the institution.  They have degrees in the subjects they tutor, and, often, have (or are seeking) teaching certifications within the subject area.  In addition, we have a specific tutor who helps with our special needs students, who has a MA + 30 in Special Education and Administration.

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Assessment Tests

  1. What assessment tests do you provide?

    We offer a comprehensive set of skills based tests; however, we work with the students, instead of handing them a paper test.

  2. How much do the assessment tests cost?

    There is absolutely no charge.  However, the assessment is typically done in the first session.  Some places charge you upwards of $200 for an assessment, but roll it into your package; we are upfront in saying our assessment is actually part of our first tutoring session (they usually take 15 minutes, and are hands-on).

  3. What if I want my assessment apart from my first session?

    Sometimes, a student wants the full session for learning; however, the assessment is designed to see what a student knows and how to go about catering a program.  If the student wants the assessment apart from the first session, the price of one session is assessed.  This is because the assessment IS a tutoring session.  We see how a student learns and what they know.

  4. If an assessment only takes 15 minutes, how do you know what to bring?

    Yes, the assessment only takes 15 minutes, but it does not mean we come unprepared.  We bring all different levels of work, and are always assessing the student, seeing what they know and what they need help with.  All an assessment test does is tell us a few things we need to work on.

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