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About Us

After years of studying the art of teaching and tutoring through other companies, we have established an understanding and report with students learning aptitudes, as well as catering to those who want to learn, and yearn for success.  As our students can attest, we've been able to attain greater understanding of most subjects, as well as helped garner a better understanding of material for use on the ACT, SAT, GRE and in the classroom.

We have certified educators, as well as experienced tutors to help in subjects ranging from Elementary Mathematics, Science, Reading and Language Arts through Mathematical Statistics, Calculus, Biology, Nuclear Chemistry, and Advanced Composition.  We also employ a Special Education certified teacher, who possesses multiple certifications in Language Arts (K-12), Science (K-8), Mathematics (K-8), and Social Studies (K-12), who has been on panels regarding curriculum.

What separates us from Sylvan or other tutoring companies is our flexibility and knowledge, as well as the fact we can come to you or meet at a common location.  We have degrees in Mathematics, English, and other sundry subjects to draw from; we also have a tendency to make learning enjoyable for your student.  In addition, with us, tutoring doesn't end when the tutor leaves; we continue to answer questions within the best of our ability through our site and email.